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Well I must say I don’t have a clue about virtual schooling. I would imagine that it’s similar to the different online course I’ve taken. As a busy working mother and wife I completed my undergrad in management almost totally online. It was pretty easy to take business classes online as most of the course work consisted of papers, projects and sometimes an exam that the professor would have us to come in for. Well when I think of virtual schooling in a lower grade level setting, I’m not quite sure how it looks. I would assume that we would use a virtual setting in order to give our students a different environment to learn and interact with their peers. Learning the things I’ve learned I’m thinking that it would be easy to get the students set up on Skype, have do blogs, maybe using plurk for things like journal entries. All this depending on the grade level.  I’ve heard of online high school but I’m not sure I’m sold on those. I don’t think that most teenagers are disciplined to complete assignments or not cheat. I know when I was taking my online classes so many people (people who weren’t in school) wanted to know, how do they know it’s you. Or the most famous question is can you take some classes for me. As if……. Heck it’s hard enough keeping myself focused to take my own classes. I can say I’m actually excited thinking about the next section of this class. I think I’ll learn a lot about something that may become very common in our society.

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  1. I think you’re correct in saying online learning will become common in our society. Technology is changing so much. Schools will have to change with it or be left behind.
    There is a way to take a test online and the student won’t have time to cheat. It’s called Respondus LockDown Browser. I had to download this for a class. It’s timed. It doesn’t give you much time to cheat.

  2. Mrs. pope after I gave it some thought, quite a few questions entered my mind about virtual schooling also. First, a very broad question captivated my thoughts: (How are they pulling this off?), then several specific questions followed. Who is at home with the children? who will make sure that they are doing there school work? What methods are used to keep them on task? Students leaning styles vary, how will the teacher discern students’ learning styles? These are just a sample of the numerous questions that I’m sure will be answered, however I am looking forward to getting them answered.

  3. I agree with the question how are they pulling it off. After reading the information I can accept the virtual school in a high school setting but I’m still struggling to see it in the lower grades. I understand how a system needed to be in place for helping children of migrant workers but I still think that it would be a difficult process to monitor and pull it off. As a teacher in an inner city school district I see so many parents who complete homework for kids. They don’t know how to help the child with their homework, they tend to give them answers are the kids really learning or are they just completing worksheets.

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